The Basics

Bohemia Group was launched in 1992 with three actors and two bands, in a one-room office on the corner of Santa Monica & Crescent Heights.

Today we are all over the world with HQ on the historic corner of Hollywood & Vine as well as offices in New York, London, Auckland, New Orleans and Dallas. We are continuing to expand into Canada, Europe and South Africa. With the belief that as the entertainment business becomes more of a global business - you should not be limited by your geography.

From the start, Bohemia Group has slowly built its business. While the industry was undergoing massive changes – strikes, near strikes, recession and general industry apathy – we grew. We kept our heads down and our noses to the grindstone. We worked hard, we weathered the storm, continued to prove that anything is possible and that you can have fun doing it!

What do we do?

We manage people….... Actors, musicians, writers, directors, skateboarders, personalities. We are strategists. We see the bigger picture and work with our artists to get them to the next level and the next and the next.Check out some of the folks we work with IMDbPro. IMDbPro.

We produce….Bohemia Group Originals is our production company. We think it’s important to always be creating and help clients create. We have a slate of films, tv shows, web series and plays that we are always working on.

We work in the music business….. We own and operate two record labels Long Live Crime Records & Rock ‘n Renew Records.    We have a music publishing company Rock ‘n Renew music. We do music supervision and sometimes make it into the studio and produce songs. We have always been in the music business – its where we started and it will always be close to our hearts.

The future……

We are closing in on a quarter century and the business still remains as exciting today as it was way when we started. We continue to grow and build. We continue to learn and incorporate all the exciting things that are changing in the entertainment business….we will continue to trail blaze and look forward to the next quarter century!

But most importantly….we will continue to have fun!!

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